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Interesting facts and news about printed circuit board technology

The world’s thinnest IR sensor: groundbreaking development and new possibilities

Miniaturization and rapid scaling of electronic devices are the driving forces for both chip manufacturing and printed circuit boards. So it's no surprise that the two have teamed up to develop the world's thinnest infrared sensor - just 0.17 mm thick. Read on to learn how this was achieved and what products will be coming to market soon.

When size matters: XXL format solutions for PCBs

Oversized PCBs are key to many advanced applications like, for example, 5G antennas. Varioprint’s state-of-the-art intralogistics setup can support the efficient and effective production of high-volume longboards.

Embedding discrete components into a PCB

The embedding of components addresses all critical challenges of today’s electronic systems and, as such, is a highly attractive solution for OEMs. Embedding allows for further miniaturisation with improved thermal management and increased reliability.

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