Engineering support

Involving the PCB manufacturer into your PCB design at an early stage, enables you to proactively address serious project hurdles regarding feasibility, process costs, material supply and process stability.

An early first contact with VARIOPRINT will enhance the "total cost" aspect of your PCB design and of your final product. VARIOPRINT has a process-oriented, experienced engineering team, which can give you individualised and tailor-made advice about your PCB application.

FMEAs for designs, processes and products are concepts with which we are fully familiar. We are happy to put our PCB design expertise - which extends far beyond our own production processes - at your disposal and to advise you. Understanding your specific design requirements within your market segment is our job!

We look forward to you getting in touch.

VARIOPRINT supports you with

  • Advice on material-related issues, drawing on our comprehensive materials database
  • Expertise in market-specific applications
  • Knowledge of market-specific standards and specifications
  • Advice on-site or via TeamViewer online.
  • Design verification with stackup / draft Gerber data / material selection
  • Design rules for PCBs
  • Recommendations for all aspects of the PCB
  • Specific pre-projects (DOEs)
  • Measurement and testing expertise