Special technologies

The constant search for new processing technologies and customer solutions means that VARIOPRINT is always one step ahead

The diversity of customer requirements is enormous. Outside the usual product range, VARIOPRINT can offer a great deal of expertise and years of experience when it comes to solutions for special applications.

Whether slip ring boards for gyro flex compasses in the shipping industry, embedded heat sinks for communication systems or wafer products for the semiconductor and sensor industries, VARIOPRINT has a solution in every field. With our highly trained and broad engineering team consisting of process and product engineers and even materials scientists, we support you from the development phase to mass production of the finished product.

Highlights of our portfolio include the electro-optical circuit boards developed by vario-optics, which we are the world's first manufacturer to produce en masse for data communication and sensor applications. In this field, we are setting a global standard for a new technology in PCBs.