Circuit board technology

With 49 years of market experience, VARIOPRINT combines consistency and innovation

PCB technology at VARIOPRINT draws on the experience of long-standing employees and benefits from continual investment in equipment, enabling the company to achieve technology leadership in the field of PCB production. Since process stability and process expertise are key factors in technology leadership, VARIOPRINT combines the core processes with a high level of vertical integration.

This results in reliable products for our customers, which retain their high quality throughout their lifetime. Passion drives us to innovative excellence.

Material technology

With a team of material technologists and process engineers, we develop our understanding of all materials and material combinations available on the market. This knowledge is accumulated in material databases and process policies, and helps us to ensure constant, repeatable results.

Measurement technology/process control

We see ourselves as a partner for the production of printed circuit boards. This partnership begins with design creation. Through early involvement in the project phase, we can devise customised solutions and offer the best value for money. We are happy to assist you in process and product FMEAs that constitute the basis of control parameters. On request, we can also prepare these for you statistically by means of our SPC database.

Our skills portfolio is rounded off by a large range of test methods such as production of micrographs, shock-power tests, thermal testing, impedance measurement, passive intermodulation measurement (PIM), planar XY measurement and 3D measurement. With this variety of modern measuring and testing equipment, we can guarantee a reliable and durable product.