Medical Technology

The market for medical electronics is characterised by high growth rates. The latest technological trends with ever more intelligent end-user applications demand innovative and reliable printed circuit board technologies. Medical technology is also a rapidly growing market segment for VARIOPRINT.

Investments in clean rooms and the latest electroplating and laser processes guarantee high production quality and high product reliability. Many years of close collaborations with world-leading manufacturers in medical technology provide excellent proof of this.

VARIOPRINT manufactures high-precision printed circuit boards for a wide range of applications. Printed circuit boards “made in Switzerland” are very much in demand in the highly sensitive application area of medical devices. From diagnostic devices to implantable systems – the name VARIOPRINT is synonymous with uncompromising printed circuit board quality.

Application examples

Implantable systems such as cardiac pacemakers

Products in the implantable medical sector must meet highest reliability requirements and require innovative processing technologies. Flexible and rigid-flexible printed circuit boards with extended quality requirements for surface cleanliness are typical products for this exceptionally sensitive field of application. 

Hearing aids

For over 30 years, leading hearing aid manufacturers have relied on the expertise of our application engineers. The main challenge presented by this market is ensuring the highest level of integration in the most confined spaces. Meeting special tolerance demands in contour processing through the use of laser technology, scoring technology or milling is all part of our standard service.

Diagnostic and monitoring devices

From ECG monitors to defibrillators - the field of application for printed circuit boards made by VARIOPRINT is enormous. Right from the development stage through to series manufacture, we provide our customers with a team of specialists and reliable, durable products.