Hardly any market is more subject to continuous change than communication technology. The rapid technological change calls for a high degree of forethought and perseverance. Only with consistent investment in new processes and technologies can we be successful as PCB manufacturers in the long term.

The production of PCBs for high-frequency technology is one of our core competencies. Long-standing experience with PTFE materials such as Teflon and our in-depth knowledge of HF design issues provide the ground work for a successful partnership with our customers. Our own HF application engineers will support you in design and engineering issues.

Application examples


Circuit boards for antenna systems, e.g. for filter applications, receivers or combiners have a long tradition at VARIOPRINT. PIM-optimised manufacturing processes, nickel-free surface finishing and restricted tolerances for conductor structures are typical characteristics in this product segment.

5G Mobile Generation

Varioprint constantly strives to be one step ahead of the market’s requirements. Thanks to major investments in the latest equipment, we can already offer high-frequency printed circuit boards for the 5th mobile generation today. Our specialists with extensive high-frequency experience support you in topics such as asymmetrical mixed build-up, cavity and packaging requirements. 5G applications such as 60 GHz point-to-point systems, smart sensors and vehicular telematics are among the first successfully completed projects.

Server systems

The rapid development of data volumes demands ever more advanced technologies. Whether multilayer HDI boards for high-speed applications or electro-optical circuit boards for high-end servers - VARIOPRINT offers a unique range of products for your requirements.