Measurement and testing technology

Acting as a partner in PCB manufacturing requires the ability to carry out circuit-board-related measurements in-house. As a customer of VARIOPRINT, you can choose to verify the performance features of your circuit by your own means or using our PCB measurement technology, Our Physical Technical Laboratory can verify all the PCB related values defined by you. 

To date, the PCB industry has been limited to planar XY PCB metrology. VARIOPRINT believes that 3D PCB metrology will become a basic requirement in the future. We are expanding measurement technology in the dimensions frequency and electromagnetic waves, with all accompanying S-parameters, Ohm's analyses, impedance measurements and destructive micro section analyses. 

Overview of the various measurement and testing technologies:

  • Ohm's analysis with continuity check, short circuit
  • Micro section
  • Surge current test
  • Thermal stress tests
  • Impedance measurement on PCBs
  • Various chemical analyses
  • Visual PCB inspection with magnifying glass, microscope or automatic visual inspection systems
  • Measurement of passive intermodulation in PCBs from 1600MHz to 2600MHz