Location Heiden

VARIOPRINT is proudly committed to its roots in Heiden, Switzerland. This location gives it a solid sense of tradition and provides a sound base for a strong future.

Nestled in the rolling hills of Appenzellerland, between Saentis and Lake Constance, Heiden offers the optimal conditions for successful business development. 

Biedermeier Village Heiden

After a devastating fire in 1843, which destroyed virtually the entire village, Heiden was reconstructed in the Biedermeier style typical of that time.

From 1853, Heiden developed into a spa resort and became famous throughout Europe. From 1887 to 1910, Henri Dunant, the founder of the International Red Cross, spent the last years of his life in Heiden. In 1998, a museum was founded in his honour which gives the numerous tourists of today the opportunity to learn about Henri Dunant's life and work.

In addition to being an important health resort, Heiden has developed into an industry location for several renowned companies over the past few years. The magnificent scenery of the Appenzellerland, the well-kept parks in and around Heiden, and various attractions, like the Joke-studded Hiking Trail attract guests from near and far.


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