Multilayer / HDI PCBs

Thinking of tomorrow, today -
Microvia technology from VARIOPRINT

Optimal, fully-automated processing, accurate registration processes and reliable through-plating technologies guarantee the supreme quality and reliability of our products. Rising frequencies require impedance-controlled circuits and increasingly higher signal integrity. Multilayer circuits also allow the separation of analog and digital parts on a circuit board.

We started manufacturing multilayer circuit boards as early as 1985. However, today's products are very different from the pioneers of that time. The multilayer circuits of today are characterised by ultra-thin cores of 50 µm thickness, and micro-structures that nonetheless feature a higher numbers of layers.

When developing and designing new solutions, we are driven by the principle of smaller, lighter, thinner and yet with an increasing number of functions.

The higher packaging densities of components require new layout structures. Integrated blind and/or buried vias, copper-filled blind vias and plugged vias are state of the art and manufactured by VARIOPRINT with maximum process stability. The latest laser systems for drilling and contouring and the most advanced vertical electroplating facility in Europe guarantee the highest possible product quality.