Thermal management

Ever increasing packaging densities and the miniaturisation of components raise the specific power density and complicate thermal management in or on the circuit board. The resulting "hot spots" must be cooled, either directly or indirectly. VARIOPRINT recognised this trend at an early stage. Thanks to new investments in modern dual drilling and milling machines, various metal bodies, as well as the traditional board materials, can be processed in a single operation.

Brass, copper or aluminium in combination with different base materials provide a compromise between ideal thermal management and effective cost. Whether thermal bridges with filled and unfilled thermal vias, embedded coins or plugged vias, VARIOPRINT can offer you a wide range of solutions for heat dissipation at "hot-spots".

Current status VARIOPRINT

  • Boards on aluminium
  • Boards on copper
  • Integration of thermal vias
  • Processing Bergquist semi-finished products
  • Processing Laird material

In construction at VARIOPRINT

  • Plugging with thermal management paste
  • Full copper via