Electro-optical PCBs

Light is the future

vario-optics, a spin-off company of VARIOPRINT, is the world's leading manufacturer of electro-optical circuit boards.

This unique technology from vario-optics brings together fibre optic technology with traditional printed circuit board technology. The fields of application are data technology, telecommunications and sensor technology. Leading global OEMs already rank among our customers. Stay on the cutting edge -we are happy to explain the benefits of this extraordinary technology.

Significant investments in clean room processes such as polymer coating and a laser exposure system form the basis for further successful market penetration.

In partnership with many well-known international companies, we have been able to develop many innovative solutions over the past few years. This revolutionary, light-based approach gives you an unbeatable competitive edge.

For detailed information or project enquiries, please contact

Dr. Felix Betschon, CEO

Tel: +41 71 898 80 60