Mission statement

The mission statement of VARIOPRINT constitutes the common philosophy shared by all our staff and forms the foundation of our corporate culture.

The shared values that it contains form the basis for mutual understanding and trust. They shape our corporate culture and are the key to our success.

Tailor-made products

  • We produce circuit boards for electronic system solutions. Our products are first-class, reliable, competitively priced and individually customised.
  • We are committed to producing future-oriented circuit boards in line with the latest manufacturing technology, which meet the high technological demands of our customers with regard to equipped assemblies.
  • We deliberately keep the product range flexible to provide comprehensive service to our regular customers.
  • We accompany our clients personally along the value chain. We take over the handling of certain logistic stages and provide additional services to make things easier for the customer as required.


  • Our markets are Switzerland, Europe, the USA and the Far East.
  • In Switzerland, we are and expect to remain the market leader.
  • In Europe, we are among the most important participants in the market and, in selected business segments, we are striving for a leadership position.
  • We facilitate our market expansion through our own marketing activities.
  • In addition to industry, our market segments are primarily automotive, medical, telecommunications, aerospace and defence. 

Advice creates knowledge and confidence

  • We are and endeavour to remain an independent and financially strong company with specific core competencies in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards of any kind.
  • We advise our customers in the early design and development phase.
  • We combine our industry knowledge and experience with state-of-the-art production technologies.
  • We build on our traditional strengths and consistently align our thinking and actions with the requirements of the future. 

Innovation is our driving force

  • We see ourselves as trendsetters in our core business.
  • Through conscious and consistent innovation management and use of resources, we improve our performance continuously.
  • Our employees are committed to being the best in their field and are always open to and interested in new manufacturing processes and new products.
  • Together with our clients, we evaluate their needs of tomorrow and develop solutions that will stand the test of time.
  • We break new ground in the field of marketing and customer communication.

Confidence through partnership and entrepreneurial spirit

  • Our strength lies in the specific expertise of manufacturing and in the climate of trust that binds us to customers and suppliers in working toward a common goal.
  • We constantly endeavour to increase our competitiveness and to secure our entrepreneurial independence.
  • The concepts of trust - responsibility - reliability are the essential philosophy of Varioprint.
  • We actively promote and encourage this philosophy throughout our company.
  • We are open to creating and exploiting various synergies and developing additional partnerships.

Customers make us successful

  • The customer is the focus of all our thoughts and actions. We measure our own success by the success of our customers.
  • We respond openly and flexibly to our customers' needs and offer tailor-made, efficient and reliable solutions. Our pricing policy is transparent and performance-related.
  • For our customers we can be an innovator, manufacturer, problem solver and consultant at the same time, depending on their requirements.

Our employees are our potential

  • We have created an innovative and performance-oriented environment in which it is fun to work. Our skills are developed through practice as well as through targeted education and training on an ongoing basis.
  • We identify with our company, our products and services. We pride ourselves on our common strengths and the successes we achieve.
  • We promote the willingness to perform as a team and we actively work toward the common goal.
  • We recognise outstanding achievements, as well as suggestions for operational improvements, and reward them accordingly. We are open and communicative and we are committed to market-oriented forms of corporate culture.
  • We actively promote health and safety at work.
  • We maintain open, solution-oriented cooperation between all employees. We share our knowledge and place confidence in each other.

Suppliers further our progress

  • We consider our suppliers as equal partners and aim for long-term business relationships in a climate of genuine partnership.
  • We consistently take advantage of the synergies and innovation potentials that result from the cooperation with our suppliers.
  • We demand of ourselves and of our suppliers quality, reliability, innovation and punctuality.

Quality Policy applies across organisations

  • The Board of Directors and the Management are committed to the continued implementation and evaluation of the Quality Policy.
  • Each employee is responsible for the quality of his/her own work and knows the corresponding requirements.
  • Through the continuous improvement of organisational, operational and technical issues, we increase the quality of our services and products and improve our market position.
  • Our quality management is integrated into all our processes and supports the commercially and environmentally conscious conduct of all those involved.

Competition makes us strong

  • We support the free market economy and take on the local competition.
  • We consider the competition to be a benchmark for our own services and let the market decide about our services and products.
  • We are open to future partnerships with companies that have a proven track record.

Relationships open up new opportunities

  • We maintain an active contact network with our customers and suppliers, as well as with key experts and opinion leaders in the sector, and we engage with them in active exchange of knowledge and experience.

Responsibility strengthens us for tomorrow

  • We respect other cultures and laws.
  • When it comes to the environment, we support the principle that the polluter has to pay, and we strive to play a progressive role in our industry sector.
  • We take a proactive approach to our social and economic responsibilities in the context of the performance of the company.
  • We are committed to promoting economic development in the local community to the best of our abilities. We endeavour to actively fulfil social commitments and we strive for a good relationship with the local inhabitants, especially in our immediate neighbourhood.
  • We release information and communicate openly, transparently and in a timely manner to the public, the authorities and the media.
  • Through a targeted information policy to the outside world, we foster acceptance and enhance the image of our company.

Responsibility for our environment

  • We are committed to complying with the applicable environmental legislation in every respect.
  • We inform our customers and the public about our environmental performance appropriately and as required.
  • While savings costs for production, we strive to simultaneously reduce the consumption of resources and thus to improve our environmental performance continuously.
  • We do not see environmental protection as a separate, isolated issue. We view environmental protection as part of our corporate policy, and it is enshrined in the organisational structure.