Design rules - conditions for PCB manufacture

To produce your PCBs using our full range of techniques, we have summarised the most important conditions and Design Rules for PCB manufacture.

These Design Rules provide standard values for tolerances, materials, thicknesses, etc., which can be produced without additional effort. Individual parameters can be optimised further by special process management and technological support. Since each design is unique and the requirements often require critical examination only when used in combination, we recommend early contact with our specialists.

Only with the knowledge of all factors involved can we guarantee high-quality advice. Cost reduction begins in the development phase and can be successfully implemented only with appropriate knowledge of the processes and the optimal panel design.

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We will advise you on our design rules for:

  • Materials
  • Panel formats
  • Mechanical tolerances
  • Layout improvement
  • Electrical testing Metallisation
  • End surfaces
  • Scoring
  • Bevelling
  • Shoulder metallisation
  • Solder masks
  • Coils on PCBs
  • Drilling
  • Plugging, etc.