High-frequency technology

The field of high-frequency technology combines all our skills from multilayer production, fine line technology and materials science into the core competence of VARIOPRINT

A team of high-frequency engineers ensures that the customer specific requirements are understood and implemented correctly in terms of process technology.

The use of ultra-modern equipment and processes in sensitive areas of production such as plasma etching, conductive pattern making and lamination pressing, combined with long-standing expertise in the processing of high-frequency materials, facilitates new, innovative applications. VARIOPRINT has a leadership position in this field and supplies leading companies in the telecommunications, automotive and metrology industries worldwide.

Our fully automated press systems, which have a temperature profile of up to 350 °C, can handle pure Teflon structures (fusion bonding) in addition to various material combinations. Whether you require tight tolerances in trace widths or impedances as additional high-frequencies properties, VARIOPRINT can meet the challenge of your needs. Our experienced team of HF engineers is at your disposal at any time.

Current status VARIOPRINT

  • Fusion bonding of PTFE materials
  • Intermittent etching for inner and outer layers
  • Plasma etching
  • Modelling of high-frequency engineering materials
  • Pre-compensation of high-frequency engineering structures
  • Impedance analysis
  • High-frequency measurement technology
  • Processing of high-frequency technology circuits up to 80 GHz

In construction at VARIOPRINT

  • Spectrum analysis up to 50 GHz
  • Processing of high-frequency circuits up to 100 GHz