The embedding of passive elements has been used in specific application areas for several years. The embedding of resistive and capacitive components is achieved using semi-finished products common on the market, such as Ticer or OhmegaPly.

However, VARIOPRINT has gone one step further and has also begun to embed active components into the PCB, even in sophisticated high-frequency products.

We are convinced that due to the high packaging density of components and the ever increasing demands on the circuits, the embedding of passive and active components in the circuit board is an integral part of future PCB manufacturing. Embedding technology is used, among other things, to integrate optical waveguides in the circuit board. Thanks to our cleanrooms and special manufacturing processes, this technology has already been implemented in series production.

Current status VARIOPRINT

  • Processing of Ticer
  • Processing of ECM / 3M
  • Integration of resistors and capacitors
  • Integration of chips in FR4
  • Integration of chips in HF materials
  • Integration of optical waveguides

In construction at VARIOPRINT

  • Processing of OhmegaPly