We have manufactured printed circuit boards for the electronics industry since 1970. No other industry needs such a broad product portfolio. From single-sided PCBs to flexible or rigid-flexible boards - VARIOPRINT offers the necessary technological skills.

At the development stage, we support our customers with many years of know-how and innovative ideas. The strictest mechanical tolerances and special demands on the surface finish are standard requirements that we are used to dealing with. The most advanced equipment and state-of-the-art machinery guarantee the highest possible quality standard.

Application examples

Sensor technology

Sensor technology requires highly integrated designs in a confined space, usually with increased tolerance requirements for contour machining. Ever smaller components also lead to increased demands on the surface finish. Bond surfaces are just one of the features that can often be found in sensor technology. For this purpose, VARIOPRINT offers a wide range of bondable surface technologies.

Measuring and control technology

This wide application area requires innovative products and established processes. VARIOPRINT offers a broad range of products, from standard multilayer up to slip-ring PCB.

Engineering industry

Since 1970, VARIOPRINT has supplied to leading machine manufacturers worldwide. Long-term and close partnerships shape the business. Many innovative companies use our expertise and our engineering services.