Flex and rigid-flex PCBs

Actively helping to fashion technology trends based on market requirements. Flexible and rigid-flexible PCBs made by VARIOPRINT

Flexible and rigid-flexible circuit boards are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their versatility. Rigid-flex circuit boards have a long-standing tradition in aerospace technology and military electronics. Today, it is also impossible to imagine medical and industrial electronics without them.

Being extraordinarily versatile when it comes to layout options and geometries, they have found a firm place in today's packaging technology. This technology enables the reliability of assemblies to be significantly improved while reducing the installation costs.

With our flexible and rigid-flex circuit boards, customised to your individual requirements for assembly bending or lasting bending stress, you benefit from products of the highest quality.

Whether for connecting moveable parts or simply due to a lack of space, flexible and rigid-flex circuit boards from Varioprint may be the ideal solution for your application.

Our engineering team can support you in implementing your requirements from prototype to series production.