Work-Life Balance and Well-Being at Work: A New Perspective

New Work is more than just a megatrend. It is a comprehensive change that affects all aspects of the workplace. Companies and employees must adapt to a new way of working. This is characterised by flexibility, independence, value orientation and a modern leadership culture. In our new blog series, we show how Varioprint is tackling these changes.

The Capital of a Company

Healthy employees are the foundation of every company. Those who are happy at work and have a good work-life balance contribute more and longer to the company's success. In the age of New Work, it is not enough for an employer to offer the option of working from home once a week and providing complimentary fruit. But what concrete measures at Varioprint contribute to our employees showing up to work balanced and healthy? Listed below is how Varioprint contributes to employee health and well-being.

One of the Most Crucial Aspects of Work-Life Balance: Flexibility

Flexibility is a relevant buzzword when it comes to work-life balance. When service providers, such as the post office, have opening hours that are not compatible with your working life, it’s frustrating. That's a thing of the past. How about a spontaneous jog over lunch instead? Our office employees benefit from flexible working hours and flextime. Thanks to the home office option, you can better reconcile your private and work life. Remote working is no problem for us thanks to a technically advanced infrastructure.

When Work and Leisure Meet: Work-Life Blending

Did you have to google the expression "work-life blending" for a moment? You are not alone. This term is not yet as established as the famous work-life balance. In work-life blending, the boundaries between work and leisure are fluid. But that doesn't mean that employees are constantly available in their free time. On the contrary. Here, elements of free time are built into the daily work routine. Companies make sure employees organise their free time more flexibly. This is why we at Varioprint support part-time work, a popular option these days. We also organise regular team dinners where anything but work is talked about. Many of our employees also use our modern in-house fitness center. They prefer to work up a sweat after work rather than during.

Without Good Health, Everything Is Nothing: Corporate Health

Many people only realise how valuable good health is in times of illness. Unfortunately, health-promoting measures are often only taken when it is already too late. At Varioprint, we try to actively and sustainably promote the health of our employees. That is why we act instead of reacting. Our workplace health measures include, among other things, ergonomic workplace design. If standing at a desk is not enough, you can work out in the company gym. As part of the "VarioXond" initiative, we regularly inform our employees about topics such as ergonomics or health in the workplace. And it sounds cliché now, but we also offer free fruit. An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well, it shouldn't stop at the daily apple. Health does not only depend on physical condition. Mental health is becoming more and more important. That is why burn-out prevention and stress management are close to our hearts. If things do get stressful and your shoulders and neck get more and more cramped, our professional in-house massage offers relief and provides relaxation.

An Office to Feel Good In

Within your own four walls, you probably do everything you can to feel at home. The trip to the furniture store has almost become a national sport. Why should this be any different in the office? New ways of working require different workplaces and work environments. That is why Varioprint recently opened a new collaboration office: The bright, modern attic invites creative collaboration. In the cosy attic, we have managed to bring a little bit of home into the office. We have created a modern, flexible working environment. This allows our team to adapt to different situations and work individually or as a team. Those who have a call with a client or long for a place to retreat will be happy at the individual workstations. In the so-called arena, we hold internal trainings and client events, while we hold meetings in the separate meeting rooms. And if you do need some downtime, you can make yourself comfortable in our fancy coffee bar.

Because We Are All Only Human: Human Relations

“The work was exciting. But the environment was toxic”. It is not uncommon to hear such statements from relatives or friends who have quit their jobs. We are absolutely convinced that human relationships in the workplace are crucial for employee satisfaction. That is why we encourage and demand open communication in the workplace. Only when all employees are transparent, trust can be developed. A quick chat at the coffee machine is nice and valuable. Nevertheless, we want more. That's why we regularly organise entertaining team-building events, for example. We don't just see our employees as workers. They are exciting, very different personalities towards whom we show empathy. We are all different, yet the same: at least when it comes to our values. We live these out together, from the intern to the CEO.

What’s Important to Us: Corporate Culture

Corporate culture has a significant influence on the success and attractiveness of a company and many companies advertise positive-sounding values. Even the most hierarchical companies suddenly become dynamic employers. Varioprint, on the other hand, lives out our values. Our credo is personal responsibility. With us, every single team member takes responsibility; this is both an opportunity and a challenge. At Varioprint, we are respectful, tolerant, and appreciative. Our goal is to develop personally and professionally and to learn something new every day. To ensure that this succeeds, we actively promote the ongoing training of our employees.

Stay tuned for the next blog post in our three-part blog series on the New Work megatrend and how tech companies can implement these new working environments.

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