A revolutionary innovation in the electronics industry - Ticer TCR®

Nowadays, PCBs are a crucial part of any electronic system. Technological requirements for PCBs are constantly increasing and component density is raising rapidly. To meet these requirements, new technologies and materials are being developed. The thinfilm resistive foil Ticer TCR® is one of these materials. 

We’re going to highlight some key characteristics and advantages of Ticer TCR® in this blog.

What’s Ticer TCR® and what advantages does it offer? 

Ticer TCR® is a state of the art material offering highest uniformity in thickness and resistance over the entire layer. This allows improved resistance tolerances to be achieved in multilayer electronic circuits. Thanks to Ticer TCR®, resistors can be integrated directly into the conductor pattern.
In addition, Ticer TCR® reduces the form factor and increases the available space for active components. The weight of the printed circuit board is reduced and performance is improved. In high frequency technology, Ticer TCR® enables a wide range of applications such as a Wilkinson divider with an improved isolation path, to name just one example of a possible application. All these advantages make Ticer TCR® an indispensable component for the development of the latest generation of printed circuit boards. 

Ticer TCR® in practice

Varioprint AG has gained extensive experience in the use of Ticer TCR®. Thanks to our cooperation with leading equipment manufacturers, Varioprint AG has been able to successfully integrate the material into its manufacturing processes. Thanks to the innovative technology of Ticer TCR® and the expertise of Varioprint AG, customers can achieve even higher performance and reliability of their electronic devices and applications. 

Applications at Varioprint AG for PCBs with Ticer TCR®: 

Telecom, Satcom:

  • High frequency technology: Embedded RF resistors for better isolation 

Industry, Sensors: 

  • HDI, multilayer: Integrated resistors to save surface space 

 Medical, analytics:

  • Flex PCBs as heaters to temper measuring instruments 


In summary, Ticer TCR® is an innovative technology that will reshape printed circuit boards in the future. It offers high uniformity of the resistive material over the entire layer, improves resistance tolerances and reduces the form factor. Thanks to Varioprint AG's extensive experience in the use of Ticer TCR® thin film resistor foils, customers can benefit from faster implementation and the advantages of this technology. 

Together, Varioprint AG and Ticer TCR® help you maximize the performance of your printed circuit boards - in line with "Powering Your Performance". 

With a future-oriented and long-term innovation policy, the latest process technologies and the highest possible level of automation, we are always one step ahead.

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