High-frequency PCBs

High-frequency boards - the key technology of VARIOPRINT

30 years' experience in the manufacture of high-frequency circuit boards has made us the leading manufacturer of this technology. Embedded heatsinks, multilayer circuits from pure Teflon (PTFE material), manufactured using fusion-bonding or designs with mixed materials (FR4 and PTFE), have become standard technologies for VARIOPRINT, and are carried out in large numbers and with stable and controlled process parameters every day.

Due to the long-standing, close co-operation with our material suppliers (Rogers, Taconic, Neltec, etc.), we are able to offer you a unique package for your HF- application. Our engineering team with trained antenna developers will support you in the selection of suitable substrates, in the construction or the PCB design.

Benefit from our unique HF technology expertise.

Today, VARIOPRINT is one of the leading manufacturers of HF circuit boards for radar applications, as used in the automotive industry, for instance. Thanks to specially tuned processes, we can offer our customers maximum security in HF performance, especially in the range of 77 and 79 GHz applications