3 Reasons for Through Hole Filling - Copper Filled Through Holes

Does the term Through Hole Filling mean anything to you? Have you ever thought about using copper filled holes, also known as through hole filling? If not, we'll explain in this blog post what copper-filled holes are all about and 3 reasons to consider this technology.

THF is a new plating technology and stands for Through Hole Filling (filling through holes with electrolytic copper).

This two-step process makes it possible to achieve complete copper filling of through holes, with minimal increase in copper layer thickness on the surface in comparison. Copper-filled holes offer numerous advantages. This is especially true in the high-frequency range. In our blog, we will show you three good reasons to use copper-filled holes.

1) Less losses

Actually, the first reason would almost be enough to at least consider copper filled bores; Less Losses. Copper filled bores allow for a reduction in contact resistance, resulting in improved power transfer. The higher conductivity of copper minimizes resistance at the junctions.

2) Less interference

Copper-filled holes allow for lower capacitance and better matching. But why is this relevant? In the high-frequency range, lower capacitance positively influences the signal propagation time in the time domain. The improved matching also leads to a reduction of electromagnetic radiation in the frequency domain. Exactly the interference you want to avoid on the PCB. 

3) Higher electrical and thermal conductivity 

The copper-filled holes are much more suitable for high power, microwave or LED applications due to their higher electrical and thermal conductivity.

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