Material technology

The basis for successful products is the fundamental willingness to reevaluate similar situations on a continual basis. Through this approach, we repeatedly analyse our materials anew. We are convinced that only a precise knowledge of the material behaviour guarantees high-quality products. VARIOPRINT is oriented to the needs of the future.

To achieve this goal, we employ a team of material and process engineers who investigate the different materials and characterise them accordingly. Our process engineers then store these properties in a database and use them in the corresponding production processes. Our extensive and long-standing expertise of components, materials and manufacturing processes ensures a reliable and consistent quality, not least in volume production.

Current status VARIOPRINT

  • Structure of the VP-PCB material database (VP-Mat)
  • Acquisition of necessary measurement technology for material characterisation
  • Alignment of process technology on VP-Mat

In construction at VARIOPRINT

  • DSC / ability
  • TMA / ability
  • DMA / ability