How Varioprint integrated some Home into the Office: Brand new top floor

Our new top floor collaboration office is open. We have transformed the top floor into a welcoming co-working space that will help us stay flexible and productive in the future.


It was with great joy, pride and gratitude that we celebrated the inauguration of the new top floor in our office building last month together with many members of the Varioprint team. Due to the pandemic, the rebuild was severely delayed. All the greater was the joy that the long construction phase has now come to an end.

We have transformed the top floor into an inviting collaboration space that will help us remain flexible and productive in the future.

The reasons for the conversion were manifold

On the one hand, we wanted to use the open space in the attic, which so far was not given a clear purpose. There was no concrete idea for the final extension. However, the need for a finish in the attic was latent.

Secondly, the corona pandemic was the perfect time for the conversion. True to the motto "every crisis offers an opportunity," the time was used to put the open space to a new use.

The pandemic may have forced us to adapt, but it has also given us the opportunity to improve our working environment. 

By converting the top floor, we have created the opportunity for our employees to come together and communicate, even in times of home offices and distance rules.

Symbiosis of Home and Office

The guiding principles of the conversion were to promote and simplify communication and coming together within the company. An inviting zone of encounter was to be created. 

The conversion also sought to create a symbiosis between home and office. Various design elements were intended to emphasize or enhance the homeliness of the working environment. With the remodeling, we have succeeded in bringing a bit of home into the office.

Productive work environment

The multifunctionality of the various spaces and elements ensures that there is something for everyone and for every need. The arena is recommended for presentations and training sessions, the meeting rooms are modern, warm and attractively designed, and the individual workstations invite people to hold video and telephone conferences outside the open-plan offices. They also serve as a place of retreat for holding discussions or for conceptual work. The coffee bar and associated lounge are intended to serve as an "entrance gate" and an inviting element for the subsequent meeting.

Hotel inspired interior design

The inspiration for this extension comes from the architecture for the hotel industry. Nowhere is it more possible to convert rooms to a completely different purpose in just a few simple steps. Varioprint also took this philosophy to heart during the remodeling. In the sense of an interim conclusion, it can be said that the conversion was a complete success. 

It is also an expression of how the culture of Varioprint AG is evolving. The premises have been designed with openness, a spirit of innovation and a pleasure in personal encounters. Now it is time to take advantage of the newly created working atmosphere.

Powering (y)our Performance

Not only are our products future-oriented, but we also see ourselves as a future-oriented employer. It is important to us to offer our employees good workplaces where they feel comfortable, which inspire them and give them what they need. Through the renovation, we as a team at Varioprint have now created an additional, more modern working environment that allows our team to adapt to different situations and work individually or as a team.

We can now work even better as a team, share ideas and drive projects forward. All of these benefits accrue to our customers, as the remodel enables us to provide them with even better, more personalized service. 

It's simple: happier employees make happier customers. There are plenty of statistics and facts to prove this.

We look forward to welcoming you at our premises in the near future.

Become part of the dynamic and committed Varioprint community and benefit from continuous individual development.

If you are interested in working at Varioprint, we invite you to check out our job openings HERE.