When size matters: XXL format solutions for PCBs

Oversized PCBs are key to many advanced applications like, for example, 5G antennas. Varioprint’s state-of-the-art intralogistics setup can support the efficient and effective production of high-volume longboards.

Have you ever wondered which leading technology enables your connection to a 5G antenna?

Varioprint delivers diversified longboards for different applications, including for a global telecom market leader. With unique formats up to 1219x605 mm, Varioprint pushes boundaries double in length, which is far beyond standard applications.

Update of the production line

In close collaboration with our customer, we evolved the whole production process by customising key parameters including our internal logistics concept. Following our future-orientated investment approach, we integrated a customised XXL LDI laser for conductor pattern and solder mask imaging into the production line.

More efficient production of XXL formats

These new laser capabilities reduce the imaging steps down to one per layer for XXL formats. Shorter processing times lead to drastically increased efficiency for the imaging department and flexibility for production overall. Additionally, position offsets are eliminated, which directly impacts overall PCB performance. Given these new XXL capabilities, Varioprint addresses further longboard applications in various high-tech markets, such as industry, life sciences and telecommunications.

Are you currently working on an oversized PCB project? When performance matters, Varioprint helps you to take your project from idea to value. Contact us directly at info@remove-this.varioprint.ch for your unique solution in highly specialised PCB applications.