Let your conductor fly: Mass production of exposed PCB conductors

Reproducing micro conductors without base material as a carrier is a challenge for many PCB manufacturers. Yet not for Varioprint where we realised fully exposed flying conductors for medical PCB applications.

Micro conductors for medical mass production

The novel, two-layer flex PCB unites ThinFlex polyimide stack-ups between 25-50 µm. The layer connection was realised with laser-drilled microvias of 75 µm diameter. The microvias experience a 90% copper fillrate and the panels’ surface finishing is comprised of galvanic gold. The unique Varioprint solution includes a specifically designed, laser-milled 170 µm window. Varioprint’s highly flexible process parameters enable such a fragile outer layer design ready for mass production.

A historic achievement for Varioprint

Feasibility limitations and technical barriers were embraced in close collaboration with the customer and resulted in a successful scaling-up meeting all specifications set forth. This unique interdisciplinary approach represents a breakthrough in flex technology for flying conductors. For the first time in Varioprint’s history, we found a reproducible solution for micro conductors without a base material as a carrier. Our modern and future-oriented manufacturing site enables Varioprint to handle such demanding technical requirements successfully.

Given these advanced technical capabilities, Varioprint pushes boundaries in flex technology and powers your performance particularly. Contact us directly at info@remove-this.varioprint.ch for your unique solution in highly specialised PCB applications.