Keeping cell phones and and other devices "cool." PCBs with thermal or electrical heat dissipation now available in series production

High temperatures are generated when using telecommunication modules and LED lighting systems. Improved heat dissipation and cooling is therefore required to extend the service life of a product. Special printed circuit board technologies enable heat dissipation even for the smallest electronic devices.

Efficient thermal management through specialised PCB technology

Increasing miniaturisation and power density make cooling in electronic applications a major challenge. This is because the cooling solution must be small and energy-efficient at the same time. One solution for fast heat dissipation is the use of PCBs with thermal and/or electrical dissipation.

Depending on the application, the PCBs require an aluminium/copper core for heat transfer or an additional electrical connection to the heat sink. The advantage of PCBs with aluminium or copper cores is that the heat dissipation is transferred directly, and no additional connections are required. This enables optimum thermal management in electronic assemblies

Printed circuit board with thermal and/or electrical dissipation: How does it work?

Varioprint has developed a specially designed press recipe for the technical implementation. This ensures the highest possible adhesion without the risk of leakage in gaps. Depending on the requirements of the assembly, the material to be joined is selected accordingly. Adhesives or prepregs are available for this purpose.

After the PCB has been manufactured, the so-called "marriage" takes place. Similar to the automotive industry, this process step involves joining the PCB with the selected joining material and the heat sink or aluminium/copper core. As a special feature, cut-outs can be made within the PCB, which allow a top view of the attached component after the "marriage".

Flexible technical implementation also for series production

Varioprint has already successfully realised numerous projects using this process for the industrial, automotive, telecommunications and aerospace sectors. As a result, Varioprint has a great deal of experience and know-how in the field of thermal and electronic removal and can implement projects with a high degree of flexibility and automation. This in turn enables reliable series production as well as design proposals and material selection tailored to requirements.

Are you currently working on a project with an aluminium/copper core or heat sink? When it comes to performance, Varioprint will proactively support you as a full-service provider in developing your project idea all the way to series production. Contact us directly at for your customised solutions for highly specialised PCB applications.