Via technology

Microvia, stacked via, filled via

High-layer PCBs and via technology are inseparably intertwined. For VARIOPRINT the core competencies of via technology, such as drilling, lasering or electroplating, are in-house processes which cover the full spectrum of applications.

For years, we have produced stacked or staggered vias and buried vias with or without microvia filling in high volumes. Modern, high-performance laser systems, as well as reliable horizontal and vertical electroplating installations, ensure an efficient production and stable quality.

The different via technologies allow great flexibility in the construction and layout of new designs, whether for high-speed boards, bus boards or classic HDI PCBs. 

Current status VARIOPRINT

  • Stacked Micro Vias up to 4 stacks
  • Filled Micro Vias up to an aspect ratio of 1:1
  • Filled Micro Vias up to a filling level of 98%
  • Via in pad
  • Mechanical Vias down to 75 µm
  • Dual laser drilling for reliable Micro Via connections
  • Europe's largest laser capacity for the production of electrical and thermal microvias

In construction at VARIOPRINT

  •  Copper filled Vias